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Post-Season Force™ Blower Maintenance
November 17, 2021

If you own a Billy Goat Force™ Blower, here are some quick maintenance tips to consider before storing for the off season. Read More

How do I check and replace my Vanguard® engine's air filter?
November 17, 2021

Quick steps for changing the air filter on a Vanguard engine. Read More

How do I change the engine oil on a Vanguard® engine?
November 17, 2021

Quick steps for properly changing the oil on a Vanguard engine. Read More

How do I keep the gas in my Vanguard®  engine fresh for the spring?
November 17, 2021

Tips for regular use periods and off season storage. Read More

Why won't my other equipment cut it?

It's not just the name that comes with buying a Billy Goat product. Learn why the product you choose should be a Billy Goat. Read More

Power Raking vs. Aerating 

What is the difference between power raking and aerating? Discover now with this Billy Goat FAQ. Read More

OS500 Series Push Overseeder

What is thatch? When should you overseed? how do you prepare your lawn. Learn more with this FAQ in regards to Overseeders. Read More

BC26 Series Outback Brushcutter

If you own a BC26 Series Outback Brushcutter, here is some information in regards to questions you may have. Read More

Power Rake (Dethatcher)

When using or owning a power rake, learn more about the common maintenance and service you will need for the equipment. Read More

KV Multi-Surface Residential / Light Commercial 

Have a KV multi-surface power equipment? Learn more about common use applications when cleaning up the yard. Read More