How do I change the engine oil on a Vanguard® engine?

Using the engine's Operator Manual, confirm the engine oil capacity and recommended oil type. To locate your operator's manual click here. Next, refer to Vanguard's Oil Recommendations page to ensure the viscosity of oil you use matches the temperature of your environment. 

Remove Oil 

  1. With the engine off but still warm, disconnect the spark plug wire(s) and keep it away from the spark plug(s). 

  2.  Remove the dipstick. 

  3. Remove the oil drain plug. Drain the oil into an approved container. 

    1. NOTE: Used oil is a hazardous waste product and must be disposed of properly. Do not discard with household waste. Check with your local authorities, service center, or dealer for safe disposal/recycling facilities.

  4. After the oil has drained, install and tighten the oil drain plug. 

Add Oil 

  1. Make sure the engine is level.

  2.  Clean the oil fill area of any debris. 

    1. See the Specifications section for oil capacity. 

  3.  Remove the dipstick and wipe with a clean cloth. 

  4. Slowly pour oil into the engine oil fill. Do not overfill. After adding oil, wait one minute and then check the oil level. 

  5.  Install and tighten the dipstick. 

  6.  Remove the dipstick and check the oil level. Correct oil level is at the top of the full indicator on the dipstick.  

  7. Reinstall and tighten the dipstick. 

  8. Connect the spark plug wire(s) to the spark plug(s).