How do I keep the gas in my Vanguard®  engine fresh for the spring?

Fill the fuel tank to at least 1/2 and add an enzyme treatment. Star-Tron works very well in keeping the gas fresh for an easy start come spring. After adding the treatment, run the engine for 5-10 minutes to get it through the system.


Keeping fuel fresh and off season storage:

During regular use periods it’s a good idea to treat the fuel being used with a    stabilizer. Any name brand of stabilizer is adequate to use, just follow the ounce-to-gallon ratio indicated on the packaging. Always put the stabilizer in the fuel can first, fill the gas can with fresh, regular unleaded gasoline. Once the cap has been placed back on the can, give it some light shakes to disperse the stabilizer. Never mix the stabilizer in the fuel tank of the engine or machine, proper mix ratio will not be achieved.


For off season storage, use the above mentioned treated gasoline in the fuel tank. 

Option 1: Run the engine for at least 15 min to ensure the treated fuel has made it to the carburetor for maximum protection. 

Option 2: Run the engine on the above mentioned treated fuel until it runs out of fuel. Use the choke to attempt to start the engine until it no longer responds. The fuel system is now empty and remaining fuel in the system is treated. This way ensures fresh gasoline will be used for start-up after storage and there is far less chance of fuel system damage during storage this way.


*Fuel and its vapors are extremely flammable and explosive. Fire or explosion can cause severe burns or death.