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SG1300H Walk Behind Stump Grinder | Billy Goat
SG1300H Walk Behind Stump Grinder
October 13, 2021

Take your stump grinding to the next level! The unit efficiently removes a stump from 24-in. above grade to 16-in. below. Watch Video

Hydro-Drive 18" & 24" Cut Sod Cutter | Billy Goat
Hydro-Drive 18" & 24" Sod Cutter
September 23, 2021

Built upon the most rugged foundation in the industry for the ultimate in smooth precise cutting. Watch Video

BC2600 Ser. Outback Brushcutter | Billy Goat
BC2600 Ser. Outback® Brushcutter
August 24, 2021

The BC26 Series Outback® brushcutter, designed for cutting tough overgrown brush, is ideal for cleaning meadows and fields, or cutting paths and trails -- wherever dense brush and weeds present a cleanup challenge. Watch Video

P2000 Hurricane™ Walkaround | Billy Goat
P2000 Hurricane™ Walkaround
July 06, 2021

Watch our Product Manager give an informative walkaround on the key features and benefits of our P2000 Hurricane stand-on blower. Watch Video

F602X Key Features & Benefits | Billy Goat
F602X Key Features & Benefits
December 14, 2020

Billy Goat's F602X is packed with features to help make your next outdoor clean up project fast and enjoyable. Watch Video

Fall Renovation | Billy Goat
Fall Renovation
October 22, 2020

Watch our Product Manager take you through Fall Renovation benefits and tips for a healthier, beautiful lawn. Watch Video

Hurricane Z3000 & 37 HP Debris Loader | Billy Goat
Hurricane Z3000 & 37 Gross HP Debris Loader
October 22, 2020

Learn about fall cleanup and the productivity of the stand on blower when paired with the debris loader. Watch Video

Hurricane Z3000 & X3000 Blowers | Billy Goat
Hurricane Z3000 & X3000 Blowers
March 30, 2020

Best in class stand-on blower takes productivity to a whole new level. Watch Video

Reciprocating vs. Drum Style Aeration Video | Billy Goat
Reciprocating vs. Drum Style Aeration
July 11, 2019

Learn about aerator styles, productivity and application tips! Watch Video

AGR1300H Post Hole Auger Video | Billy Goat
AGR1300H Post Hole Auger
June 25, 2019

Effortless one-person operation and is the only unit on the market that features dedicated drive, straight line drilling, lift assist, and the highest bit torque in its class. Watch Video