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Leaf Dragon & P2000 Clean Up | Billy Goat
Leaf Dragon & P2000 Clean Up
May 10, 2024

See the combined power of the Leaf Dragon™ DL3700VETR debris loader and Hurricane™ P2000 zero turn stand-on blower swiftly blow through leaf cleanup, accelerating productivity to the next level! Watch Video

Billy Goat DL3700VETR Leaf Dragon™ Debris Loader | Billy Goat
Billy Goat DL3700VETR Leaf Dragon™ Debris Loader
September 01, 2022

Ideal for municipalities and large contractors, the Leaf Dragon™ features electric start and 6900 CFM of suction power to burn through cleanups fast! Watch Video

How to Properly Turn the AE401 Ser. Aerator | Billy Goat
How to Properly Turn the AE401 Ser. Aerator
May 03, 2022

Learn how to properly turn the AE401 Ser Aerator to make the job easier and less fatiguing. Watch Video

P2000 & DL1802 Cleanup | Billy Goat
P2000 & DL1802 Cleanup
February 15, 2022

The combination of the P2000 Hurricane™ Stand-On blower and the Billy Goat DL1802 series Debris Loader takes cleanup productivity to the next level. Watch Video

SG1300H Walk Behind Stump Grinder | Billy Goat
SG1300H Walk Behind Stump Grinder
October 13, 2021

Take your stump grinding to the next level! The unit efficiently removes a stump from 24-in. above grade to 16-in. below. Watch Video

Hydro-Drive 18" & 24" Cut Sod Cutter | Billy Goat
Hydro-Drive 18" & 24" Sod Cutter
September 23, 2021

Built upon the most rugged foundation in the industry for the ultimate in smooth precise cutting. Watch Video

BC2600 Ser. Outback Brushcutter | Billy Goat
BC2600 Ser. Outback® Brushcutter
August 24, 2021

The BC26 Series Outback® brushcutter, designed for cutting tough overgrown brush, is ideal for cleaning meadows and fields, or cutting paths and trails -- wherever dense brush and weeds present a cleanup challenge. Watch Video

P2000 Hurricane™ Walkaround | Billy Goat
P2000 Hurricane™ Walkaround
July 06, 2021

Watch our Product Manager give an informative walkaround on the key features and benefits of our P2000 Hurricane stand-on blower. Watch Video

F602X Key Features & Benefits | Billy Goat
F602X Key Features & Benefits
December 14, 2020

Billy Goat's F602X is packed with features to help make your next outdoor clean up project fast and enjoyable. Watch Video

Fall Renovation | Billy Goat
Fall Renovation
October 22, 2020

Watch our Product Manager take you through Fall Renovation benefits and tips for a healthier, beautiful lawn. Watch Video