DL1302H Entry

DL1302H Entry

Debris Loader

An ideal combination of power and size, at 2,100 cfm of commercial suction, the DL1302H is the perfect truck loader for small to midsize jobs and crews. The all-new discharge chute offers long-life productivity. This unit will get you into high productivity leaf and debris removal at a light weight and low overall cost. Save time and dump fees with a dual shredding 14.25” diameter armor plate impeller with a Piranha™ blade that reduces debris up to 12:1 and maximizes trailer loading across multiple properties before dumping. This unit also has CustomFit™ features that allow you to customize the loader to your truck.


Square Discharge Elbow

This all-new feature offers increased durability, longer life and ease of service

Dual Shredding System with Piranha Blade™

For extra shredding. Serrated blades with cutting points for maximum truck loading and debris reduction up to 12:1.


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Engine Brand
Model Number
Gross Horsepower (HP)
Hose Dimensions
8 x 10
Impeller Cutting Points
Number of Blades
Displacement (cc)
6” Square
Pull start
Weight (lbs.)
Length (in.)
Width (in.)
Height (in.)


CustomFit™ Extension Kit (DL1302, DL1402 & DL1802)

Part #: 812123-S
Extends discharge height by 15 5/8”. (Cannot be used with rotational kit)

CustomFit™ Hanger Kit

Part #: 812260
Easy to install, locks in place with two bolts.

Installation Instructions >

CustomFit™ Swing Away Hitch

Part #: SAH34
Mountable to a class III trailer hitch and locks at 90 and 180 degrees so the unit can be swung away for easy dumping.

Installation Instructions >

CustomFit™ Receiver Hitch

Part #: 812601
Simple to install and remove and easily mounts to your truck for use with Billy Goat DL13-18 loaders.

Optional Exhaust Deflector Kit

Part #: 812295

Deflects debris for most efficient loading. 


Heavy-Duty Clear Urethane Helical Replacement Hose

Part #: 811244

Urethane portion only. 

Optional CustomFit Discharge Hose Kit

Part #: 812300

Extends discharge by 5’ for customization to your truck or trailer. Urethane hose kit. 

Rotational Kit
Rotational Kit for Square Discharge Elbow Only

Part #: 813604

Provides full 360° rotation vs. fixed 90° positions standard.


"I am writing in regards to the excellent customer services this company holds. I am also extremely satisfied with all products I have purchased from Billy Goat, such as my Debris Loader (DL1802VE) and a few Billy Goat 13hp push blowers. As a landscape contractor I rely on heavy duty equipment to keep up with my team, I absolutely trust Billy Goat products to allow me to accomplish my work each day with complete satisfaction. I’m extremely grateful being turned onto Billy Goat products by their advertising on Instagram."

- Evan M, Farmingdale, NJ


“I currently use the Billy Goat debris loader (18hp version) and it’s great. I have used other brands in the past and they do not compare to the quality that Billy Goat provides their customers. Previously, I used a Little Wonder and compared to the Billy Goat it did not seem to be built as strong. I like that the Billy Goat felt solid and well made. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!”

- Brandon B, Easton, MA


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