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AE1300H 30” Hydro Aerator

AE1300H 30” Hydro Aerator

Reciprocating Hydro Aerator: 30" Wide

This machine combines true 30" wide aeration and speed up to 4.3 mph to complete 1/4 acre in as little as 15 minutes! That's 59% faster than a 26" drum! Plus no more lifting on turns; aerate in reverse; do trim and edges with ease; and significantly improve hole quantity and quality vs. drum aerators.

The AE1300H features Patent Pending variable aeration density (VAD™) and creates 2-10 times more holes than drum models in one pass (8-48 holes per sq. ft.) This eliminates double or triple aerating with drum aerators that have fixed hole patterns as low as 4 per sq. ft. and saves significant time. VAD also offers ability to do patch repair and seed bed prep in one pass by simply slowing down over bare spots.


Variable Aeration Density (VAD™)

Creates 2-10x more holes than drum models in one pass. Eliminates double aerating and offers ability to do patch repair and seed bed prep in one pass. Patent Pending.

Reverse Aeration

The AE1300H allows aeration in reverse!

In-Ground Turning

Provides unmatched maneuverability, ergonomics, ease of turning, improved production, reduced downtime and turf repair when compared to drum aerators.

15" Tires & 35" Wheel Base

This unit has 15" tires and a 35" wheel base to accommodate slopes up to 20-degrees.


Independently acting arms are durable and forgiving for unmatched reliability. Reciprocating action drives plug depths up to 2x that of drums. Reduces call backs and / or rework regardless of soil condition. Patent Pending.

Fast Tine Service

Only 8 tines and 4 bolts are easily accessed for 10% of the time needed to service 40+ tine, 2-bolt drum units

Self-Propelled, Variable Speed

Intuitive hydro-drive controls allow you to feather the speed and aerate in both forward and reverse with finger tip control. Reduces fatigue and vibration.


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Up to 3
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Optional Chariot

Part #: 362609

Reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.

Solid Steel Spike

Part #: 360394, 362611

Excellent for improving drainage or for other no-plug applications. Optional. Sold individually (PN360394) or as a set (PN362611)


After two seasons of renting aerators from Home Depot, I saved enough money to buy my own. The drum style machines that I had rented for almost 24 work days were terrible, back-breaking machines that felt like chasing a bull across every property I aerated. After a ton of research and price comparisons, I ultimately went with the PL2501SPH. While it is slightly more expensive than a base machine, it is well worth the investment. Last spring alone, I made equal the cost of the machine in just residential work. The transmission is fantastic, full forward and reverse. The best part is, my back is not broken after a day's work. The only downside is the price of replacement tines, they are a pretty penny... I’m thoroughly impressed with my new machine and The Billy Goat brand. 

--Jeff Dibb; Salt Lake City, UT