Goat Notes

January, 2018

Be the envy of your neighborhood! Learn how core aeration this spring can create a lush green lawn all summer long here.


January, 2017

The essential element to proper maintenance and growth of lawn and turf is healthy soil. One of the most effective ways to promote this is to conduct scheduled core aeration. To help understand differences in aerator technology, drum versus cam driven reciprocating style to determine the best machine for the job, download the white paper "Aerator Technology: Changing the Way Landscapers Determine the Best Machine for the Most Productivity."


November, 2015

Fall maintenance and cleanup makes for a highly profitable season for Landscapers and for their customers, healthy growing grass. Billy Goat's Pierre Pereira sites some great tips for Landscapers in Landscapeonline article "Rake in Fall Profits with High Productivity Leaf Cleanup."

Pierre Pereira, VP of Sales & Marketing at Billy Goat Industries authors "The Aerate Debate" on Lawn & Landscape.


March, 2015

Landscaper in Florida uses Billy Goat vacs to pick up grass clippings, leaves, etc. to help prevent water pollution. See the article in the Orlando Sentinel.