MV Multi-Surface Residential /  Commercial 

How long is the hose on the option On-Board-Hose Kit?

The hose is 10 feet long and Ideal for cleaning between shrubs, under decks and window wells.   Most MV vacuums are requested with hose kits because they work so well in those hard to reach areas.

Can I increase the length of my MV hose? 

Yes, couplers and additional hose lengths are available but extending the length will reduce suction by as much as 25%. Also, extending the hose will make it more difficult to carry the hose on-board.

Will the MV pick up acorns and other nuts?

Not satisfactorily due to the weight and shape of the nuts. It will pick them up fairly well off hard surfaces (sidewalks, driveways etc) and will pick up a greater percentage in grass if they are first loosened with a rake.

Why should I buy an MV vacuum instead of a KV vacuum? What is the difference?

The MV lawn and litter vacuum is ideal for larger properties, commercial lots, leaf clean-up, rental, parks, city streets, school districts or municipal festival clean-up. Whereas the KV is ideal for residential or smaller commercial property maintenance. If you look closely, the housing of the MV is much larger than the KV. The impeller (fan) is six-bladed and larger in diameter. Working in combination, these two parts produce greater suction with less noise at lower engine speed than you’ll find on the KV. The revolutionary bagging system is unique to the MV and another reason many choose the MV vacuum. Both the MV and KV are available with a choice of Honda or Briggs engines and either push or self-propelled.