Sod Cutter: 12” Width

Model Number : SC121H

There’s simply no sod cutter that’s easier to use. Just set the depth, shift into gear, engage the blade, start the drive and you’re off!

And the SC weighs only 161 pounds – that’s half the weight of other models on the market. This rugged compact machine makes cuts 12” wide and up to 1.38” deep. The small frame and light weight make maneuvering easy, even in tight spaces. Special rubber pads and isolation mounts reduce vibration to exceptionally low levels.

Note: Prior to using this machine, make sure to soften the turf by watering. A good ‘Rule of Thumb’ is, prior to cutting, insert your thumb into the watered sod to the first knuckle to ensure the ground is soft. Cutting into hard, dry ground can cause damage to the machine.

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Product Details

Cuts Sod Cleanly and Evenly

12” cutting width and up to 1.38” deep.

Ergonomic Control Levers

Controls cut and drive system

SC Warranty

1-year machine

Rear Wheel Drive

Geared transmission with 2 forward speeds

One-Step Cut Adjustment

Change cutting depth by moving a single lever

Balanced 4 Point Footprint

For added stability & ease of use versus 3 point styles.

SC121H (Honda)
Engine Brand Honda OHV
Displacement (cc) 118
Transmission 2 forward speeds
Weight (lbs) 161
Cutting Width (in) 12
Cutting Depth (in) Max of 1.38
Length (in) 30.75 (35.5 to handle)
Width (in) 16.5 (22 to handle)
Height (in) 30.7
Manuals DownloadOperator's/IPL Manual - English
DownloadOperator's/IPL Manual - French
DownloadOperator's/IPL Manual - French
DownloadOperator's/IPL Manual - English

"Going on year 2 with our sod cutter...awesome machine!"

Josh L, Golf Course Superintendent at Almaden Country Club, San Jose, CA