Leaf Dragon™ Debris Loader

Ideal for municipalities and large contractors, the Leaf Dragon™ features electric start and 6900 CFM of suction power to burn through cleanups fast! The trailered setup with ergonomic boom handling offers hassle-free curbside pickup and a 3-position handle provides easy and versatile hose handling. The Leaf Dragon's set up offers 45 square feet of clean-up coverage, 2x the reach of other units on the market. This model has a quick-access door to inspect the impeller and liner, as compared other units on the market with cumbersome and time-consuming access. The 12" wide, 10-gauge steel discharge chute spreads to load and includes an angled elbow that reduces wear by up to 50%. The Leaf Dragon is powered by a Vanguard® EFI engine, offering easy automotive-type cold weather starting as well as fuel savings of to 25%*.

*Closed-loop EFI system fuel savings may vary based on debris loading conditions and other factors.


25" Diameter Armor Plate Steel Impeller

This impeller, with higher torque and 12 cutting points for extra shredding, offers best debris reduction and trailer loading.

Soft Angle Square Discharge Elbow

Offers reduced elbow wear and ease of service. Wide 10-gauge steel chute spreads to load.

3-Position Boom Locking System

For transport and curbside or rearward cleanup. Operator can fix hose position for raking leaves directly into the hose nozzle, if desired.

Best In Class Curbside Management System

Features simplified hose routing and removes corners for intake. Offers 2x the reach of other units on the market.

Hose Handles

Double loop design provides three unique operator positions and offers secure grip for ease of guiding the hose nozzle across leaf pile. 16" diameter 10' long urethane helical intake hose is clear for visibility of debris flow.

Built-In Road Cone and Rake Holder

Provides convenient out-of-the-way locations to include rakes and cone on the trailer.

No-Tool Access

Provides quick access to inspect the impeller & liner for wear. Simple 2-pin door closure offers faster access to this task vs. other units on the market.

Adjustable Hitch

Adapts to varying truck heights. Accepts standard 2-5/16" ball.

Integral Wheel Chock Holder

Conveniently stores chocks. Chocks included.

Vanguard® EFI

The DL3700VETR with Vanguard® EFI delivers easy automotive-type cold weather starting as well as fuel savings of up to 25%.*


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Engine Brand
Model Number
Gross Horsepower (HP)
Hose Dimensions
16” X 10’ (41cm x 3 m)
Impeller Cutting Points
Number of Blades
11” square elbow to 12” (31cm) outer diameter round
Electric Start
Weight (lbs.)
1730 lbs – no fuel (785 kg)
Length (in.)
118” – 130” (2.9 – 3.3 m)
Width (in.)
69” (1.75 m ) (hose in transport position)
Height (in.)
121.25 “ (3 m) (discharge height), 123” (3 m ) (tallest point on machine)