Auger AGR1301H

Auger AGR1301H

Landscape Auger

The Billy Goat AGR1301H Auger is ideal for fence and deck building, sign installation, park & rec departments and rental, offering fatigue-free drilling and easy hole-to-hole transport for one person effortless operation. Combined with simple no-towing-required transport, there’s no quicker and easier way to tackle what can be a daunting and time-consuming job. The unit conveniently ramp loads to a 6’ truck bed in seconds, and fits compactly with the tailgate closed, without having to remove the bit. Auger is pictured with the 8" bit, which is sold separately.


Patented Z-Link™

Offers a straight line drilling motion with minimum machine repositioning.

Gas Spring Lift Struts

Assists the operator when lifting the bit from the hole, reducing fatigue.

Billy Goat® Controls, the Common Experience™

Our best in class controls package provides standardized variable speed intuitive hydro-drive controls allowing an operator to feather in forward / reverse directly at the handles with no shifting required. The Auger also includes "Drill" at your fingertips for added convenience. Billy Goat Controls offer a consistent customer experience across our hydro-drive machines affording fleet buyers and rental customers simple operation, as well as ease of training and renting.

Drill Control

Fingertip access located near hydro-drive controls for convenient operation.

Spring Loaded Parking Brake

Located on rear wheels, helps to stabilize the machine for straight-line drilling on uneven or sloped terrain.

Pivoting Front Wheel Caster

Provides smooth transport to job site and from hole-to-hole along with high flotation rear turf tires.

Larger 13 Gross HP Engine and 10 GPM Pump and Motor Package

Produces 350 foot-pounds of best in class bit torque. Easily handles 2” – 18” bits.

Auger Bit Position During Transport / Drill

For compact efficient transport, bit locks in a forward transport position and easily clears the ground for simple moving hole-to-hole. Unlock both the transport handle and pull the quick release pin to swing the bit into position for vertical drilling. The bit can also be positioned and locked to a left or right angle when working on hills.

6’ Truck Bed Transport – No Towing Necessary

No bit removal necessary for transport. Fits compactly in the pickup bed with tailgate “up”.

Ramp Loading

Loads / Unloads in seconds. Self-propelled makes transport, loading and unloading simple and quick.


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Displacement (cc)
Honda GXV
Wheel Drive
Hydraulic Fwd. / Rev.
Hydraulic motor
Pump Capacity (GPM)
Bit Drive
Hydraulic In / Out
Torque (foot-pounds)
Up to 350
Manual with Cold Start Disengage
Front Wheel Size (in)
Front Wheel Type
Pivoting casters
Rear Wheel Size (in)
Rear Wheel Type
High flotation turf
Length (in)
Width (in)
Height (in)
60 (52.5 transport)
Weight (lbs)


8" x 36" Auger Bit

Part #: PN40413

12" x 38" Auger Bit

Part #: PN540414

Pilot Bits

Hardface Bit (left) - Part #: PN540311

Carbide Bit (top) - Part #: PN540312

Dirt Bit (bottom) - Part #: PN540310

Wisdom Teeth

Carbide Tooth (left, orange) - Part #: PN540397
Carbide Tooth (left, red, with insert) - Part #: PN540417
Hardface Tooth (middle, orange) - Part #: PN540396
Hardface Tooth (middle, red, with insert) - Part #: PN540416
Dirt Tooth (right, orange) - Part #: PN540395
Dirt Tooth (right, red, with insert) - Part #: PN540415

Weld-On Drive Lug

Part #: PN540398

Bit Adapters

1-1/4" Square Bit - Part #: PN540116

1-3/8" Hex Bit - Part #: PN540115

7/8" Square Bit (comes standard) - Part #: PN540412

Adapter, Hydraulic Motor

Part #: PN540412-S