Product maintenance & troubleshooting

We have a selection of troubleshooting and maintenance guides to help you maintain the best operation of your Billy Goat. If you do not find the answer you're looking for in our technical guides below, please contact your country's distributor or your local Billy Goat dealer. You can also use our contact form to receive additional help from our technical support team.

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Sod Cutters

Whether you are replacing a belt or blade on your Billy Goat sod cutter or looking for some basic product operational instructions, check out these videos for a hands-on tutorial.

SC180 Belt Replacement

SC180 Blade Replacement

SC180 Rental Check In Procedure

SC180 Operating Instructions

SC180 Wheel Replacement

SC180 Drive Letter Replacement

SC181 Operating Instructions

SC121H Operating Instructions


It is important to maintain and service your brushcutter year round for optimal performance. To help troubleshoot common issues, download these helpful product guides.

For a walk through on servicing your Billy Goat brushcutter, check out this set of instructional videos.

BC24 Belt Replacement

BC24 Wheel Replacement

BC24 Blade Replacement

BC24 Operating Instructions

BC24 Check In Procedure

BC26 Mech Belt Replacement

BC26 Mech Blade Replacement

BC26 Mech Check In Procedure

BC26 Mech Operating Instructions

BC26 Mech Wheel Replacement

BC 2600 Hydro Drive Operational Instructions

BC2600HM/BC2600ICM Operating Instructions


Replace the belt. Adjust the chain tension. Learn the ins and outs of operating your Billy Goat aerator.  Download one of these PDFs to help your common troubleshooting and maintenance issues.

Or for a more visual tutorial on servicing your Billy aerator, our product expect will walk you through how to properly operate and maintain our aerators.

AE 401 Operating Instructions

AE1300H Operating Instructions

PL2501 Operating Instructions

PL1800 Operational Instructions

PL2501 Belt Replacement

PL2501 Chain Tension Adjustment


Properly maintaining your overseeder can extend product life and keep you working while others are in the shop. Download one of our PDFs or check out these videos to keep your Billy Goat overseeder performing like a champ, all year round.

OS552 Operating Instructions

OS901 Operating Instructions

OS901SPH Main Belt Replacement

OS901SPH Mule Belt Replacement

Leaf & Litter Vacuums

Whether you own a KV, QV, or MV series Billy Goat vacuum, properly maintaining and servicing your product can extend and improve performance. For help servicing or troubleshooting common problems, download one of these PDFs.

To see the best methods for working on your vacuum, see one of these instructional videos.

KVSP Operating Instructions

KV600 & KV600H Operating Instructions

QV900 & QV550 Operating Instructions

MV600 & MV650 Operating Instructions

Debris Loaders

Watch these helpful videos on our easy-to-use debris loaders.

Billy Goat DL Debris Loader

35 HP Debris Loader

Force Wheeled Blowers

Check out the best way to maintain and operate your Billy Goat force wheel blower with these easy to follow operational videos.

F601V Operating Instructions

F1002 Operating Instructions

Power Rakes and Dethatchers

Operating a Billy Goat power rake or dethatcher can be easy. Learn more through these expert led demos.

CR550 Operating Instructions

PR550 Operating Instructions

PLUGR Archive

The following videos are available for PLUGR units purchased prior to Oct. 2014. .

PL410 Belt and Bearings Replacement

PL855 Clutch or Throttle Adjustment

PL855 Belt Replacement

PLUGR Tine Replacement or Adjustment