DL1802VEEU Debris Loader

DL1802VEEU Debris Loader

DL18 Series

Step up to the midsize series of debris loaders, ideal for mid to large municipal and contractors applications. The DL18 Series heavy-duty debris loaders are powered by Vanguard® engines, producing suction at 6.300 m3/h. Electric start on DL1802VEEU reduces fatigue and saves time.

The DL18 Series debris loaders feature a 40cm / 16" diameter armor plate steel impeller with 8 cutting points, replaceable poly liner and a 12-gauge (2,7 mm) steel housing for maximium suction power.

The debris loader can be mounted with the optional hanger kit or skid mounted to a truck or trailer bed. The 25cm intake hose is a 300cm long, clear poly helical coil.

Equipped with an electric start engine, this DL1802VEEU debris loader is made for easy starting.


Dual Shredding System with Piranha™ Blade

For extra shredding. Serrated blades with cutting points for maximum loading. Debris reduction up to 12:1.

Safety Kill Switch

Quick connect / release hose clamp with safety interlock.

Urethane Clear Hose

Clear hose allows for visual inspection and quick removal of hose clogs. Replacement hoses are available.

Adjustable Rotating Discharge Chute

No tool, hand adjustable rotating discharge chute allows 360° positioning.


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Engine Make
Engine Model
Performance kW*
Performance HP*
Displacement (cc)
Engine Features
Electric Start
Fuel Capacity (l)
Productivity (m3/h)
Hose Dimensions (cm)
25 x 300
Impeller Blades
Impeller Diameter (inch [cm])
16 [40]
Impeller Housing
Steel 12-gauge, Replaceable Liner
Cutting Points
Output Diameter (cm)
Weight (kg)
Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)

* All power levels are provided by Briggs & Stratton.


CustomFit™ Extension Kit

Extends discharge height. Cannot be used with rotational kit. (812123)

CustomFit™ Receiver Hitch

Simple to install and remove and easily mounts to your truck for use with DL13 and 18 loaders. (812601)

CustomFit™ Hanger Kit

Easy to install, locks in place with 2 bolts. (812260)

CustomFit™ Swing Away Hitch

Locks at 90° and 180° so the unit can be swung away for easy dumping. (SAH34)

CustomFit™ Discharge Urethane Hose Kit

Extends discharge by 150cm on DL13 and 18 loaders for customisation to your truck or trailer. (812300)

CustomFit™ Trailer

Includes pre-wired lights, 14” wheels, traffic cone holder & backup whip standard. (On request only)

360 Rotational Kit

No tool, hand adjustable rotating discharge chute allows 360 degree positioning. Can not be used with extension kit. (812332)