BCR3628BVECE Brush Cutter

BCR3628BVECE Brush Cutter

Outback Rider

The Outback® 4WD Rider has been designed with a low centre of gravity in combination with a four wheel drive system that enables it to tackle those hard-to-reach places that wouldn't have been accessible to traditional machines.

The spacious platform provides sufficient space and comfort for the operator. The heavy duty 92cm mower deck is equipped with swing-back cutter blades that swing away when accidental contact is made with a solid object. These features help protect the mower deck and cutter blades from accidental damage.

Billy Goat Outback® rider brushcutters have set the highest standard for professional brush cutting equipment on the market. The new Outback® 4WD Rider continues to expand the Billy Goat line-up. Look no further than the Billy Goat Outback® when you are looking for the ultimate brush cutting machine.

This product is only available in Europe.


Professional Engine

The 28 HP Vanguard® 810cc EFI engine features reduced fuel consumption, increased governing control and load acceptance, optimized chokeless starting and altitude compensation - all ideal for commercial turf applications.

ROPS Structure

A certified ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) with safety belt protects the machine and operator for rolling over and can fold 180 degrees backwards to allow for easier loading inside a van or trailer.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The operators compartment features a dashboard with control and warning lights, electric PTO engagement switch with soft start function, steering wheel with tilt-function and spinner knob, cruise control switch and a parking-brake lever.

Heavy Duty Bumpers

The wide front and rear bumpers protect the rider against accidental impacts and incorporates tie-down points for securing the machine during transportation.

Durable 92cm Mower Deck

The strong fabricated rear discharge deck discharges grass clippings rearwards. Replaceable swing-back cutter blades reduce accidental blade damage, with flip-up lids on the side of the deck providing easy access to the swing-back cutters when needed.

Ergonomic Operators Platform

The large operators platform provides sufficient space for even the tallest user. Secundairy footrests provide a secure foothold expecially for use on hillsides. The contoured seat with armrests keeps you comfortable all day and is equipped with fore and aft positioning. Integrated hand rails provide a secure grip on the machine when needed.

Drive System

The Tuff Torq™ 4WD system automatically controls the output to all drive wheels. Combined with a manual locking differential, this 4WD system provides all the traction you need in challenging terrain.

Clean Air

The large Donaldson® dual stage industrial cyclonic air cleaner keeps the incoming air clean and extends the service interval by 4x when compared to a traditional panel-style air filter.

Drive Wheels

Large drive wheels with agricultural tread ensure sufficient grip. The pivoting front axle allows all four driven wheels to remain in contact with the ground for maximum traction.

Transmission Oil Cooler

A remote transmission oil cooler controls the transmission oil temperature even in the toughest conditions, reducing thermal oil breakdown for an extended operating life of the system.


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Model Number
Engine Brand
Engine Model
EFI V-Twin
Performance HP*
Displacement (cc)
Air Filtration
Donaldson® 2 stage cyclonic air cleaner
Petrol (up to 10% ethanol)
Fuel Tank Capacity (l)
Cutting Width (cm/in)
92 / 36
Height of Cut (cm)
5 - 13,5 (in transport mode max.16)
Height of Cut Adjustment
Adjustable in 5 positions
Mower Deck
Mower Deck Lift
Drive system
Tuff Torq 4WD system with K664 hydrostatic transaxle and KXH10M front axle
Parking Brake
Internal transaxle
PTO Clutch
Starter Type
Electric start
Forward Speed (km/h)
0 - 9,5
Reverse Speed (km/h)
0 - 6
Differential Lock
Front Wheel (inch)
16 x 6.50-8
Rear Wheel (inch)
20 x 10.00-8
Adjustable contoured seat with armrests and seat belt
Weight (kg)
Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)

* All power levels are stated gross HP at 3,600 RPM per SAE J1940.


Snow Thrower

Clear snow from driveways, sidewalks and other outdoor surfaces. Working width: 110 cm. (1697554)

For use, it also requires a front carrier (1697558), drive (1697560) and kit (80123077).

Sweeping Brush

Effectively clear all debris from solid surfaces. Working width: 110 cm. (1697555)

For use, it also requires a front carrier (1697558) and drive (1697560).

Snow Chains for 16" Wheels

Ensure better traction and control in winter conditions. (1697561)

Snow Chains for 20" Wheels

Ensure better traction and control in winter conditions. (1697562)

Snow Blade Comfort

Push snow aside to create a clear path. Fitted with rubber bar. Lifting and tilting from operator's position. (1697553)

A front carrier is required to attach. (1697558)