PL2501SPV Aerator

PL2501SPV Aerator

PLUGR®25 Hydro Drive

For the best combination of productivity, operator comfort, superior aeration results, variable hole density and remarkably low maintenance in its class, consider our 25" / 64 cm Hydro-Drive aerator. The unit can aerate up to 4.000m2 per hour. Best in class controls offer the same intuitive, variable speed fingertip hydro-drive innovation as found on the reliable Billy Goat hydrodrive Brush Cutter, Overseeder and Sod Cutter.

The Patent Pending EZ Drop™ tine system has a one-step tine engagement lever from the handle that quickly engages tines when the lever is depressed or disengages tines when the lever is released to pass over obstacles in the aeration path for uninterrupted aeration. It also features "in-ground" steering for unmatched maneuverability, ergonomics, ease of turning, improved production, reduced downtime and turf repair when compared to drum aerators.

This PL2501SPV self propelled aerator is powered by a 203cc Vanguard® engine.


Cam-Driven Aerators

Punches tine core depths to 7 cm even in hard soil conditions. Spring loaded rotor assist for aggressive forward motion of the tine rods.

Variable Aeration Density (VAD™)

Creates 2-10x more holes than drum models in one pass. Eliminates double aerating and offers ability to do patch repair and seed bed prep in one pass.

Water Weight Tank

Positioned directly over tines for better aeration depth and wheel traction in drier conditions. Full tank capacity is 18 litres.

Patent Pending EZ Lift™ Rear Foot Pedal

Conveniently lifts and locks tines for transport or when reversing.

Simple, Intuitive, Hydro Drive Controls

Variable speed self-propelled rear wheel drive & front casters allow you to feather the speed with finger tip control. Reduces fatigue, increases productivity and provides enhanced traction while aerating on slopes. Reverse feature (with tines up) for added maneuverability and ease of loading/unloading.

Patent Pending EZ Drop™ Tine Engagement

Depressing the orange tine lever releases the tines from the lifted locked position and engages the tining action. When the tine engagement handle is released, tining action stops and the tines drag across obstacles in the aeration path for uninterrupted aeration and increased productivity.

No Tool, Flip-Up Hood

For best in class access to the inside of the machine for easy service plus improved belt access.

Tensile Hardened Thin Wall Tines

Simple, durable screw-in design makes service simple. Six tines on PL25 Series.


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Engine Make
Performance kW*
Performance HP*
Displacement (cc)
Productivity (m2/h)
Working Width (cm/in)
64 / 25
Tine Type
Reciprocating Cam
Tine Depth (cm)
Number of Tines
Tine pattern (cm)
6,5 x 19
Drive Type
Self Propelled
Transmission Type
Wheel Type
Weight (kg)
Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)

* All power levels are provided by Briggs & Stratton.


Optional Tines (PLUGR)

Tine sizes and styles for every turf condition. Choice: 3/8"(9,5 mm) hollow 331150 - 3/8"(9,5 mm) solid 381151 - 7/8" (22 mm) solid 381149 - 5/8"(16 mm) hollow 381057 - Zoysia Transfer 44mm hollow 381152.