Keep your lawn in perfect condition with Billy Goat's ABC lawn renovation concept. Use our powerful scarifiers to remove thatch that is blocking nutrients and water the fast way. Then, enable oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the roots by aerating your lawn with one of our aerators. As a last step you create the perfect finish by restoring the grass mix balance in your lawn with one of our overseeders. It's a simple ABC!

A - Scarifying


Thatch is the layer of leaves and dead grass between the soil and grass. Although a little amount of thatch is healthy for your lawn as it protects the soil against weather conditions and use, too much thatch is a problem. When too thick, it can prevent water, air and fertilisers to reach the roots, and block sun and moisture. Also, pests and diseases like thatch. You can remove matted thatch from turf easily with a scarifier.

Scarifying step 1 - Billy Goat

A layer of thatch prevents water and nutrients to infiltrate the soil. The grass will not grow properly.

Scarifying step 2 - Billy Goat

The blades of the flail reel slice through the lawn and pull out the thatch.

Scarifying step 3 - Billy Goat

The open structure enables nutrients and water to reach the root structure, creating a stronger lawn.

Scarifying step 4 - Billy Goat

After treatment, the lawn will be lush and more resistant to diseases or droughts.

B - Aerating


The purpose of aeration is to create better conditions for the exchange of air and water in the soil, improving the penetration of water and fertilisers in the soil.
If turf is trampled and walked over continuously, the lawn develops a compact surface that leads to degradation of the lawn surface.

Due to soil compaction, oxygen, nutrients and water can not infiltrate into the soil. This weakens the grass and depletes the root structure.

The vertical motion of a tine removes small plugs of soil from the ground.

Nutrients, oxygen and water are now able to reach the root structure, creating a stronger lawn.

After treatment, the lawn will be lush and more resistant to diseases or droughts.

C - Overseeding


After scarifying and aerating the lawn could look thin and contain some bare spots. This is the ideal moment for overseeding. Overseeding can help you get your beloved green and lush lawn back by restoring the grass mix balance in your lawn. Unlike a spreader, an overseeder doesn't throw the seed on top of your grass but instead plants the seeds directly into the soil, improving the germination rate. 

Overseeding step 1 - Billy Goat

After scarifying or aerating the grass density will be lower. Overseeding will fill the gaps and restore the grass mix balance.

Overseeding step 2 - Billy Goat

The hopper drops the seeds into the grooves made by the rotor blades. The seeds are then pushed into the soil which improves the germination rate.

Overseeding step 3 - Billy Goat

With the seeds planted, it is recommended to sprinkle the lawn with more top soil and apply fertilizer.

Overseeding step 4 - Billy Goat

To achieve the best result, it is advisable to overseed by sowing in stages and criss-crossing at 90° angles.

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