SG1300H Stump Grinder

SG1300H Stump Grinder

Walk-Behind Stump Grinder

The SG1300H Stump Grinder offers a host of category-leading features such as the ability to grind from 24 in. above grade to 16 in. below grade. The unit features wide chip guarding, a long cutter head reach, an extended handle for better swing leverage when grinding, and a double-welded cutter head guard as well as reinforced frame. The machine is well balanced over the axle and easy to swing while in operation and transporting to / from the job site. The machine is simple to load via ramps onto a pickup truck or trailer and is powered by a Honda engine driving a 15.5", 35 lb. cutting wheel with replaceable carbide teeth for the ultimate in efficient stump removal.


Extended Angled Down Frame

Longer frame is angled toward the cutter head for longer reach and better grinding versus others on the market.

Dual Handle with Long Reach

Dual hand holds and bale access make cutter head activation easy, regardless of handle position at various cutting depths. Long handle affords the operator better leverage while working the stump.

Chip Guarding

Side and rear chip curtains offer the operator more protection from wood chips.

Belt Span & Belt Guard

A longer belt span with durable belt guard increases belt life and extends service.

Eight Carbide Cutting Teeth

Encased in stoutly-designed holders for both added durability and ease of service replacements. Optional Green Tooth Kit (Part No. 80107904)

Emergency Stop Switch

adds safety.

Foot Mount

Provides leverage for ease of starting up the unit.

Brake Release Lever

Sets and releases brake for safe transport and operation.

Locking Drum Brake

Keeps the unit in place while sweeping the cutting head back and forth across the stump.

Handle Adjust Lever

Sets the handle height for maximum stability and control.


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Displacement (cc)
Disc RPM When Engine @ 2500 RPM
Cutter / Wheel
14" Diameter / 3/8" Thickness
Cutting Capacity
24" Above Grade / 16" Below Grade
8 carbide
Length Range (in)
85 - 100.5
Width (in)
Height Range (in)
37.5 - 59
Weight (lbs)
Wheels (in)
4.8 x 8


Green Teeth

Part No. 80107904