DL25 & 35 Series Professional Contractor / Municipal

Electric Start Debris Loader

When commercial productivity counts, these units are our most popular contractor and municipal machines. They respectively feature a 25 HP or 35 HP V-Twin engine coupled to our largest 18” or 20”, 6-blade, armor plated impeller with 18 cutting points and dual shredding Piranha™ technology for up to 12:1 reduction and 5,050 cfm of suction power. For durability, the units also feature a convenient replaceable poly liner in the housing. A large 12” x 10’ clear poly helical hose on the 25 HP and a 14” x 10’ hose on the 35 HP is ideal for taking huge bites out of any debris pile and the exhaust features a no tool, no thread 360 degree unique rotational exhaust that is hand adjustable. The optional highway class trailer kit (pictured) is pre-wired for easy towing and storage, and the optional exhaust deflector kit (pictured) deflects debris for most efficient loading. Don’t let your crew settle for anything less!

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Product Details

Dual Shredding System with Piranha Blade™

For extra shredding. Serrated blades with cutting points for maximum truck loading and debris reduction up to 12:1.

Safety Kill Switch

Quick connect / release hose clamp with safety interlock.

Adjustable Rotating Exhaust

360 degree positioning.

Urethane Metallic Hose Kit

Clear hose allows for visual inspection and quick removal of hose clogs

DL Warranty

DL29: limited 3-year engine; DL37: limited 3-year engine

Engine Brand Vanguard
Gross Horsepower 35
Hose Dimensions (in X ft) 14 x 10
Impeller 6 blades, 18 cutting points
CFM 5050
Discharge (in) 8
Weight (lbs) 371
Length (in) 58
Width (in) 32
Height (in) 74
Starter Electric Start
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CustomFit™ Extension Kit (DL 25, 35)

Part #: 791600

Extends discharge height by 2'.

Optional Exhaust Deflector Kit

Part #: 812295

Deflects debris for most efficient loading.

Flexible Metal Discharge Extension

Part #: 791106

Extends discharge by 5’ for customization to your truck or trailer.

Replacement Hose

Part #: 791034 (DL25), 792208 (DL35)

Urethane portion only

CustomFit™ Trailer

Part #: 791152

Ideal solution for most any crew wanting mobility and a smooth ride at highway speeds. Includes pre-wired lights, 14” wheels, traffic cone holder & backup whip standard.

"Making it a dual-purpose piece of equipment in our lineup brings value-plus to our business! No advertising and still, the calls keep rolling in even in spite of freezing rain and snow! We even received a letter from the mayor because he has been getting calls from residents thinking it's a city service! (The city is trying to keep the gutters and curbs free of leaves with a street sweeper to little or no avail.) After the success with the debris loader, we are looking to add a Billy Goat walk-behind blower to speed up clean ups!"

JTL, Twin Oaks Lawn & Landscaping; Shenandoah, IA


"I've owned both for about a year and am very pleased with them. I did some research and glad I did! The guys on www.lawnsite.com like them; it seems they're not talking about any other debris loader! My DL35 debris loader is a beast! Blowing and bagging on a typical job was taking 2 hours. We are now complete a typical leaf job in 40 minutes!"

Junious J., Truly Beautiful Lawn Care; Jacksonville, FL


"A recent project was to design, build and have a custom built truck body insert made to accommodate the use of my DL3500. The truck body insert is removable and the insert can be used as a chip box as well!"

Charles G.; Cohoes, New York


"I purchased a DL2500S Debris Loader. I only have about 4 hours on it, but I can tell it is one of the best investments I have made for fall clean up. It is powerful, it is fast, and it is saving me a boat load of time and labor this year. We converted our dump truck to a covered wagon and we shoot the leaves right in. Simply amazing!"

Bill W.; Fort Wayne, IN