DL14/18 Series Midsize Contractor

Debris Loader

These units are ideal for mid to large property managers, contractors and mid-sized municipal applications. These heavy-duty units feature a dual shredding 16” diameter armor plate impeller with Piranha™ blade that reduces debris up to 12:1 and maximizes trailer loading across multiple properties before dumping, saving you time and dump fees. This unit has CustomFit™ features that allow you to customize the loader to your truck. In addition, the units can be mounted in one of three ways: Tailgate mounted with optional hanger kit, truck hitch mounted with the optional swing away hitch, or skid mounted to a trailer or truck. The 10” intake hose is a 10’ long, best in class, clear poly helical coil so your crew can visually see if a blockage occurs, for a quick fix. A replaceable steel liner and 12-gauge housing is standard for long life and durability. E-Start 14 HP reduces fatigue and saves time!

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Product Details

Dual Shredding System with Piranha Blade™

For extra shredding. Serrated blades with cutting points for maximum truck loading and debris reduction up to 12:1.

Urethane Metallic Hose Kit

Clear hose allows for visual inspection and quick removal of hose clogs

Safety Kill Switch

Quick connect / release hose clamp with safety interlock.

Custom Fit Mounting Options

Optional tailgate hanger kit, swing-away hitch or skid mounted to a trailer or truck bed.

DL Optional Electric Start

Available on the DL1401SE and DL1801VE for quick start and ease of operation. (Battery not included on DL1801VE)

CustomFit™ Extension Kit (DL12, 13, 14, 18)

Part #: 812273
Extends discharge height by 15 5/8”. (Cannot be used with rotational kit.)

CustomFit™ Hanger Kit

Part #: 812260
Easy to install, locks in place with two bolts.

Elbow Rotation kit intro

360 Rotational Kit

Part #: 812332
No tool, hand adjustable rotating exhaust allows 360 degree positioning.

CustomFit™ Swing Away Hitch

Part #: SAH34
Mountable to a class III trailer hitch and locks at 90 and 180 degrees so the unit can be swung away for easy dumping.

CustomFit™ Receiver Hitch

Part #: 812601
Simple to install and remove and easily mounts to your truck for use with Billy Goat DL13-18 loaders.

CustomFit™ Discharge Urethane Hose Kit

Part #: 812300
Extends discharge by 5’ for customization to your truck or trailer.

Replacement Hose

Part #: 791034 (DL25), 792208 (DL35)
Urethane portion only

10" Hose Coupler

Part #: 810776
Couples two pieces of hose for more intake length.

Optional Exhaust Deflector Kit

Part #: 812295
Deflects debris for most efficient loading.

"It makes cleanup of blown piles and dumping absolutely a snap to pick up quickly and saves my back from cans and tarps. The Pirahna blade really helps shred down the leaves. I cannot be without this highly productive machine that makes life a whole lot easier. My DL1801V is always up to the challenge! I have a leaf box on my truck and its just a super investment. Yet another great Billy Goat product! Thanks!"

-B. J. from Catersville, GA


"I did my homework researching between Billy Goat, Scag/Giant Vac, and Little wonder and decided to go with a Billy Goat debris loader. This machine reduced a ton of time. No more throwing tarps into the dump bed, having dust everywhere from bagging and mulching. It has just overall made a huge difference in speed and efficiency. And really it just makes us look 100% more professional."

-Jeff L., Landscaper; Altoona, PA