F6 Small Property / Residential

Wheeled Blower 6 HP

Billy Goat’s F601 Series Force blowers feature the next level of performance and productivity in push blowers. Forget the fatigue factor associated with heavy metal machines, these models are a remarkable 30% lighter than comparable steel units and weigh only 76 lbs. (F601V, F601S) or 71 lbs. (F601X) making them a breeze to roll around the yard.

Rounded composite housings coupled with 16-blade advanced fan technology completely eliminate traditional bends in metal housings. This eliminates air voids, reduces noise, lowers weight, and pushes the design envelope for blowing efficiency. There is also no rusting or denting and there is less stress on the engine shaft for longer life. The F601V features a 205cc Vanguard engine and the F601X features a 208cc Briggs & Stratton XR950 Professional engine

The result is a dramatic jump in productivity, ergonomics and reliability. When combined with industry leading wheels, ergonomic handle design and the patented Aim-n-Shoot™ airflow technology, the F601 Ser. is the ultimate property cleanup tool.

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Product Details

Patented Aim N Shoot™

Directs the airflow where you need it most with fingertip control and is lockable for single positions.

Operator Ergonomics

Lightest weight and ergonomic handles for best in class comfort and productivity.

Advanced Fan Technology

Features a single shot 16-blade closed face fan; twice as many blades as others on the market.

F6 Warranty

F601S: 1-year limited commercial; 3-year limited residential engine warranty. Limited 3-year engine (F601V); limited 2-year engine (F601X); limited 1-year machine (F601S, F601V, F601X).

Smooth Rounded Housing (F6)

Eliminates air voids for a smooth, quiet, powerful flow. Proven design won't rust or dent. Backed by a 1-year warranty.

8-Point Fan to Hub Connector

Improved fan to hub connection has 8-point attachment versus 4 for increased durability and fan life.

Velocity (mph) Just under 200
Fan (in) 16-blade Single Shot Composite
Discharge (in) 3.5
Engine Brand Vanguard
Displacement (cc) 205
Weight (lbs) 76
Front Wheel Width (in) 8 x 3
Front Wheel Style Semi-pneumatic
Rear Wheel Width (in) 10 x 13
Rear Wheel Style Pneumatic
Length (in) 43.5
Width (in) 22
Height (in) 26 (housing), 45 (handle)
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Velocity (mph) Just under 200
Fan (in) 16-blade Single Shot Composite
Discharge (in) 3.5
Engine Brand Briggs & Stratton
Displacement (cc) 208
Weight (lbs) 83
Front Wheel Width (in) 8 x 3
Front Wheel Style Semi-Pneumatic
Rear Wheel Width (in) 10 x 3
Rear Wheel Style Pneumatic
Length (in) 43.5
Width (in) 22
Height (in) 26 (housing), 45 (handle)

10-ft Hose Kit

Part #: 441166

Easily fits over nozzle to direct airflow into hard to reach spaces. 4” D x 10’ L.

Forward Discharge

Part #: 441130

Improved design of soft rubber. It’s a snap to install and is perfect for cleaning along walls and fences.

"I just purchased the 6 HP Force Blower and I can't believe how light yet powerful it is! I can push it with just one hand and no back pain because of the higher handle for us tall guys (6'4")! I have been using a Little Wonder for 20 years. Dependable, but it weighs a ton and is hard to maneuver. I did my acre in half the time and didn't break a sweat or get a leg cramp. I am sold on the Goat! Thanks!"

-Wayne Wieczorek of Des Plaines, IL.


"The Force leaf blower has been a pleasure to use this season. It has saved me so much time! My family and back thank you for a great product!I'm writing this letter to tell you how much the Billy Goat has meant to my 81-year old husband, who is in an electric wheelchair due to having polio in 1949. Harry has always been a hard worker, never letting his disability get him down. He played wheelchair basketball for 23 years; one of their best players, I might add. The day he came in and announced he was getting a Billy Goat, I had to laugh. I guess you know what I thought he meant! He laughed and said “No, Linda, it is a machine, not a ‘goat’!” We have trees on 3 sides of us and tons of leaves. “Billy” does an amazing job. The leaves just seem to disappear so fast into the woods. It also blows acorns once they’ve been raked into a pile. “Billy” even blows small twigs after a storm. Of course our little Jack Russel dog helps in that category; only she brings them back onto the lawn! I just wanted to let you know how much your Billy Goat has helped!"

-Linda M. Bowen of Ruckersville, VA


"I am the owner of a 6 HP Force blower and I love it. It's a pleasure to use. I love the handle which directs the air flow. I use to have a Little Wonder but it was way too heavy for me to use."

-Dennis of Forestport, NY


"It has been a year and I am even happier now than when I first bought my new Billy Goat Blower! It has become one of my favorite lawn tools.I had previously owned a Little Wonder blower for 20 years and although it did the job I can honestly say that the "Goat" blows it away! Also, as I get a little older, my Billy Goat blower is much easier to use, especially with the adjustable blower control and the lighter weight. I especially like the hand control for the blower chute as it aids in removing those stubborn leaves from the lawn and allows you to pass items like the trash cans without blowing them down the driveway. I also use my "Goat" to quickly clean the garage floor and to blow light snow off the driveway. On occasion I used the blower to dry off the car after washing it. Worked quite well for everything except the hood and roof! Finally, another great feature is that it's made in the USA. Thanks again for a great product!"

-Wayne W.; Des Plaines, IL

"The F6 better than any brand I tested! I have had a Billy Goat QB 550 for 15 years and the engine finally gave up. I looked at PECO as well as several other brands, thinking maybe there's something better out there. Well, I finally decided on the Force 6 Billy Goat and WOW! Not only is it more powerful, but the ability to direct the air is awesome -- better than any brand I tested!" 

-J. Folk; Elburn, IL


"Fantastic product! The F6 blower has cut my leaf disposal time by more than half! I used to dread raking leaves. Now leaf cleanup is enjoyable!"

-Frank B.; Caledonia, MI


"Bought the F601V, 205cc for my house. Any homeowner would be well advised to buy this unit! Excellent product and value. The unit weighs only 76 pounds, is easy to push, has the directional discharge for blowing the leaves which is a must, and it not only gets the leaves off, but also any other debris which is keeping your grass from growing." 

-William H.; Columbus, OH

"Our F6 Force blower does not disappoint! It's lightweight, easy to push and pull, starts right up and is very powerful. It's relatively quiet compared to my neighbor's Little Wonder!We went to a Tractor dealership that carried Billy Goat leaf blowers. With 3/4 of an acre lot that gets pounded with leaves, we were on the fence about the F6 or the F9. After much debate, we decided on the F6. The adjustable nozzle/chute is a must for large piles of leaves (mine was 2.5 feet tall!). It cuts right through them. In short, we are very happy with our Billy Goat!"

-John E.; Whately MA.


"The Force blower is an outstanding machine. I will and have recommended it to my friends in the industry. The lighter weight makes it so much easier to maneuver.The Force blower is an outstanding machine. I will and have recommended it to my friends in the industry. The lighter weight makes it so much easier to maneuver. The larger tires are much better on roots and uneven terrain and they don’t go flat like the Little Wonder. The handle design is excellent providing just the right amount of leverage as needed. The sound levels as well as the vibrations are greatly reduced as compared to my other blowers. Over the last 20 years, I have used all kinds of push blowers like the Little Wonder, until I got the Force. Now I will be changing over my other blowers to the Force."

-Jonathan of Precision Gardens, Monsey, NY