PL2500SPH 25” PLUGR® Hydro-Drive Self-Propelled

Reciprocating Aerator: 25" Wide

The PL2500SPH Self-Propelled Hydro-Drive aerator delivers up to 35,000 sq. ft. of aeration per hour and punches core depths to 2.75" even in hard soil conditions. It has a top speed of 2.62 mph or 3.846 feet per second. Eight reciprocating cam driven tines propel the unit forward and variable speed hydro-drive allows for denser hole pattern at slower speed where needed, plus eliminates fatigue from pushing while transporting or ramp loading and provides commercial operators with enhanced control while aerating on hilly areas.

The unit is easy to maneuver without lifting, requires no add-on weights, has no chains and is simple to service.

Built-in quick release receiver hitch offers simple conversion to a ride-behind unit when adding an optional chariot. Reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.

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Product Details

User Friendly Controls with Side x Side Bail

Finger-tip controlled side x side bail - one for tining and one for drive. Auto stop safety feature.

Hydrostatic Drive Transmission

Simple hydro-drive front wheel system handles up to 20-degree hills. Eliminates fatigue from pushing during transport or ramp loading.

Reciprocating Crankshaft Assembly

Punches tine core depths to 2.75" even in hard soil conditions.

One-Piece Lift-Off Removable Cover

Offers ease of maintenance for 100% access to all components.

Quick Release Receiver Hitch

Built in for an optional chariot, converting walk-behind to ride-behind comfort.

Eight (8) Machined & Heat Treated Hardened Thin Wall Tines

Simple, durable screw in design makes service simple. 5/8" diameter.

PL2500SPH 25” PLUGR® Hydro-Drive Self-Propelled

Optional Tines (PLUGR)

Part #: 381151, 381149, 381150, 381057, 381152

Assorted tine sizes and styles for every turf condition. Choose from 3/8" solid 381151; 7/8" solid 381149; 3/8" hollow 381150; 5/8" hollow 381057; Zoysia Transfer 381152.

Optional Chariot

Part #: 362609

Reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity.

Service Kit (25" PLUGR)

Part #: 380205

Common replacement parts for your PLUGR aerator.