F601X Wheeled Leaf Blower

F601X Wheeled Leaf Blower

F6 Force™ Series

Billy Goat’s F6 Series force blowers feature the next level of performance and productivity in push blowers. Forget the fatigue factor associated with heavy metal machines, these models are a remarkable 30% lighter than comparable steel units making it a breeze to roll around the yard. Ideal for residential clean up and it is 2,5 times more powerful than a backpack, so you’ll get your work done faster with less fatigue.

This F601X model is powered by a Briggs & Stratton high end engine and allows you to clear 2.000m2 from leaves in just over 1 hour.

Lightweight, easy to push.


Patented Aim N Shoot™

Directs the airflow where you need it most with fingertip control and is lockable for single positions.

Smooth, Rounded Housing

Eliminates air voids for a smooth, quiet, powerful flow. Proven design won’t rust or dent. Backed by a 5-Year housing warranty.

Quiet Operation

Compared to backpacks and steel blowers, the quiet operation is a welcome relief among users and in neighbourhoods.

Advanced Fan Technology

Features a single shot 16-blade closed face fan; twice as many blades as others on the market.

Ergonomic Handles

Easy and comfortable to use.


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Engine Make
Briggs & Stratton
Engine Model
Professional Series™
Performance kW*
Performance HP*
Displacement (cc)
Output Diameter (cm)
Drive Type
2,3x backpacks
Air Velocity (km/h)
Impeller Blades
Impeller Diameter (cm)
Front Wheel Tyres (inch)
8 x 3
Front Tyre Type
Rear Wheel Tyres (inch)
10 x 3
Rear Tyre Type
Weight (kg)
Length (cm)
Width (cm)
Height (cm)

* All power levels are provided by Briggs & Stratton.


3m Hose Kit

Fits over nozzle to direct airflow into hard to reach spaces. (441166)

Forward Discharge

Improved design of soft rubber. It is perfect for cleaning along walls and fences. Standard on F9 - F18 Series models. (441130)