I recently purchased the Billy Goat F1302SPH leaf blower and have been using it for two months now. I live on 1.5 acres, totally surrounded by trees with around 30 trees on my property. I was spending five hours with a backpack blower in order to clear ¾ of an acre. With the Force self-propelled blower, I clear 1.5 acres in less than an hour. I hold down a full-time job and have two very young children, so spending the whole day every Saturday clearing leaves for four months of the year is simply not practical. This machine is quite simply unbelievable! The airflow is amazing. It removes twigs, acorns, foliage – you name it – and leaves the grass looking immaculate – like it’s had its hair brushed. I had read about the Billy Goat patented Aim-N-Shoot system. At first, I thought it was a marketing gimmick. Let me say that it isn't. It allows you to 'dig' out stubborn debris, angle the blower depending on the lie of the land and even angle the blower up a hill when you are walking along the base of it. Also, it allows you to maneuver the blower past a flowerbed (with the nozzle pointed upwards) without turning the machine off. With other manufacturers you would need to switch the machine off, otherwise the gale force winds would simply uproot your plants. One final note; the great thing about using a leaf blower on the lawn is that it acts like a comb removing debris between the grass leaf blades allowing the soil to aerate better. I’ve always noticed that once I have used the leaf blower, the grass looks more healthy – greener even. Well done, Billy Goat!


Nolan Hough