I recently purchased the Billy Goat Force Blower F1302SPH. I am 70 years old and live on 2+ heavily wooded acres. I have owned two push blowers for the past 40 years. There is no comparison between them and the Billy Goat. The Billy Goat is unbelievably quiet and there is no tornado vortex sound and it has the ability to move leaves and debris such as acorn nuts, and twigs. The airflow velocity is at least 2x that of the 8 HP blower I replaced. In the past I had to be on the road to blow debris off the edge of the property, much safer. The ability to use in push mode or self-propelled mode is awesome for me. After the first time I used the machine, I called my son-in-law and raved about it. I asked him to come over and try it. He refused saying, 'If I did, I'd probably want to buy another Bill Goat!' The staff at Billy Goat is excellent, they are helpful and courteous and a pleasure to deal with.

Joe from West Redding, CT