I had previously owned a Little Wonder blower for 20 years and although it did the job I can honestly say that the "Goat" blows it away! Also, as I get a little older, my Billy Goat blower is much easier to use, especially with the adjustable blower control and the lighter weight. I especially like the hand control for the blower chute as it aids in removing those stubborn leaves from the lawn and allows you to pass items like the trash cans without blowing them down the driveway. I also use my "Goat" to quickly clean the garage floor and to blow light snow off the driveway. On occasion I used the blower to dry off the car after washing it. Worked quite well for everything except the hood and roof! Finally, another great feature is that it's made in the USA. Thanks again for a great product!

Wayne W.; Des Plaines, IL