Harry has always been a hard worker, never letting his disability get him down. He played wheelchair basketball for 23 years; one of their best players, I might add. The day he came in and announced he was getting a Billy Goat, I had to laugh. I guess you know what I thought he meant! He laughed and said “No, Linda, it is a machine, not a ‘goat’!” We have trees on 3 sides of us and tons of leaves. “Billy” does an amazing job. The leaves just seem to disappear so fast into the woods. It also blows acorns once they’ve been raked into a pile. “Billy” even blows small twigs after a storm. Of course our little Jack Russel dog helps in that category; only she brings them back onto the lawn! I just wanted to let you know how much your Billy Goat has helped!

Linda M. Bowen of Ruckersville, VA