F9 Large Property / Commercial
F9 Large Property / Commercial
  • F9 Large Property / Commercial
  • Patented Aim N Shoot™
  • Advanced Fan Technology
  • F9 Smooth, Rounded Housing
  • Self-Propelled Option
  • Quiet Operation
  • Standard Forward Discharge
  • Thicker Padded Handles
  • Low Weight
Force Blower

F9 Large Property / Commercial

Wheeled Blower 9 HP

Model #:

  • F902H (Honda) / F902S (Subaru) Push models
  • F902SPS (Subaru) Self-propelled


  • Patented Aim N ShootTM fingertip control 
  • 17" 16-blade advanced fan technology
  • Low weight, low noise, ergonomic handles
  • No rust, no dent composite housing (5-year warranty)
  • Self-propelled option eliminates fatigue
  • 3.8x the air volume of backpacks
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  • Velocity: Just under 200 mph 
  • Fan: 17" 16-blade Single Shot Composite
  • Discharge: 4"
  • Engine: 262 cc Honda GX (F902H) 265 cc Subaru EX (F902S, F902SPS) 
  • Weight: 139 lbs (F902H); 130 lbs (F902S) 143 lbs (F902SPS)
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Step up to commercial cleanup power! This unit is ideal for medium size maintenance contractors and large property owners.

Forget the fatigue associated with pushing blowers. The self-propelled option (pictured) increases productivity so you can rip through 30% more property a day! The Subaru engine features a 5-year warranty!

  • Patented Aim N Shoot™
    Patented Aim N Shoot™

    Directs the airflow where you need it most with fingertip control and is lockable for single positions.

  • Advanced Fan Technology
    Advanced Fan Technology

    Features a single shot 16-blade closed face fan; twice as many blades as others on the market.

  • F9 Smooth, Rounded Housing
    F9 Smooth, Rounded Housing

    Eliminates air voids for a smooth, quiet, powerful flow. Proven design won’t rust or dent. Backed by a 5-year warranty.

  • Self-Propelled Option
    Self-Propelled Option

    Forget the fatigue associated with pushing blowers. The 9 HP Subaru, 13 HP Honda and 18 HP Vanguard engines have self-propelled options to increase productivity.

  • Quiet Operation
    Quiet Operation

    Compared to backpacks and steel blowers, the quiet operation is a welcome relief among users and in neighborhoods.

  • Standard Forward Discharge
    Standard Forward Discharge

    Soft rubber design is a snap to install and is perfect for cleaning along walls and fences.

  • Thicker Padded Handles
    Thicker Padded Handles

    Best in class for comfort and productivity.

  • Low Weight
    Low Weight

    Best in class weight so you can finish faster!

  • F9 Warranty
    F9 Warranty

    3-year Honda & 5-year Subaru engine; 2-year machine; 5-year housing

Velocity: Just under 200 mph 
Fan: 17" 16-blade Single Shot Composite
Discharge: 4"
Engine: 262 cc Honda GX (F902H); 265 cc Subaru EX (F902S, F902SPS)
Weight: 139 lbs (F902H); 130 lbs (F902S) 143 lbs (F902SPS)
Front Wheels: 10" x 3" Semi-pneumatic
Rear Wheels: 13" x 5" Pneumatic
Length: 58"
Width: 29.25"
Height: 32" (housing), 45" (handle)
  • Caster Wheel Kit
    Caster Wheel Kit

    Part #: 440293

    Allows more maneuverability in tight spaces for moving airflow from side to side, without off-weighting the front wheel.

    Installation Instructions

  • Quick Hold Down Kit
    Quick Hold Down Kit

    Part #: 440120

    Quick trailer hold down attachment saves time.

    Installation Instructions

  • Parking Brake Kit
    Parking Brake Kit

    Part #: 440140

    Prevents roll-aways on inclines and saves relocation time when you need to step away. 

    Installation Instructions

  • Foam Filled Front Tire
    Foam Filled Front Tire

    Part #: 440279

    Lightweight and rolls easily over terrain.

Product Feedback

  • I currently utilize the F902 Force blower and KV600 vacuum to service my clients. I can leave their properties cleaner and quicker, thanks to the rock-solid reliability and performance of my Billy Goats.
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    B.J. from Cartersville, GA; Riverbend Landscape Service

  • I’m writing to you today to express my gratitude for your hard work and devotion! My name is Brendan Kapp and I am the owner and operator of Green Knoll Lawn Care. We now own push blowers, a 9 horsepower and a 13 horsepower! I love them!
    » Read More

    Brendan Kapp of Bridgewater NJ; Green Knoll Lawn Care

  • Nothing else that I’ve ever operated has been as light and as powerful as my Billy Goat F9 beast! It makes all of the other landscapers’ in my town mouths drop when they see how powerful it is! Nothing better than a Billy Goat from what I have seen!
    » Read More

    Spencer Windberry of Sparta, NJ

  • I purchased a Billy Goat 9 HP Force Blower and used it for the first time today. It cut my work in half!
    » Read More

    Warren P of North Chelmsford, MA

  • The F902S is a beast! What normally took me 2 days with a back pack blower, large tarp and several rakes now takes me less than 4 hours without the tarp or rakes!
    » Read More

    V. Calandra of Southington, CT

  • I am THRILLED with my Billy Goat blower! With 62 trees on 1.6 acres, there are many, many leaves to collect!
    » Read More

    Natalie K, Louisville, OH

  • I have used Billy Goat walk-behind blowers for over 20 years, and they are the quietest and the fact you can control the air flow is great.
    » Read More

    David R., Middle Tennessee Lawn; Greenbrier, TN

  • I ordered the Billy Goat F902H. Works well even when grass is wet. Nice product and would recommend to friends!
    » Read More

    Dan C; Ridgefield, CT

  • I've been delighted with my Billy Goat model F901H. So much so that I'm interested in a F13!
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    Hal W.; All, GA

  • I recently purchased a 9 HP Billy Goat leaf blower and was impressed with the design of the shoot!
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    K. Lewis, Pirate Lawn Service; Warminster, PA