BC26 Series Outback® Brushcutter
BC26 Series Outback® Brushcutter
  • BC26 Series Outback® Brushcutter
  • Tuff Torq Hydrostatic Transaxle
  • BC2600 Heavy Duty Blade Spindle
  • Pivoting Deck
  • Rubberized Rear Deck Trim
  • Intuitive Drive Controls & Handles with Padded Grips
  • Wider Tractor Tires
BC26 Series Outback® Brushcutter

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BC26 Series Outback® Brushcutter

26” Hydro Drive Brushcutter

Model #:

  • BC2600HH (Honda)
  • BC2600HEBH (Honda E-Start)


  • Tuff Torq™ hydrostatic transaxle
  • Pivoting deck
  • Heavy-duty blade spindle
  • Rubberized rear deck trim
  • Ergonomic handles with padded grips
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  • 388 cc Honda (BC2600HH, BC2600HEBH)
  • Start: Pull (BC226001CH, BC2600HH); Electric (BC2600HEBH)
  • Cut Width: 26”
  • Cut Height: 3.75"
  • Weight: 309 lbs (BC226001CH); 317 lbs (BC2600HH); 341 (BC2600HEBH)
  • Length: 83”
  • Width: 31”
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Make quick work of under-brush, berries, saplings, bramble, vines, tall grass and small trees! The Outback® BC26 can cut saplings up to 2” wide and brush 6’ tall – all at a rate of just under an acre of brush per hour.

The BC26 has a 26” wide deck with higher tip speed for improved speed and cut quality. This nature-taming performer comes standard with a Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission featuring fully automatic Enhanced Traction Control (ETC ), offering superior traction in wet or uneven conditions. Engineered to glide over uneven terrain, the pivoting brush deck hugs the ground for a better cut. This minimizes scalping and improves traction by keeping the weight of the machine on its drive wheels. (Honda engine version can handle up to 20-degree slopes and Briggs engine version handles up to 15-degree slopes.) 

Ergonomically-angled plow-style handles with padded grips offer comfort and protection. Never take your hands off the machine to shift gears with conveniently located controls.

Step up to the Billy Goat Outback BC26 and dramatically improve your productivity and profitability.


  • Tuff Torq Hydrostatic Transaxle
    Tuff Torq Hydrostatic Transaxle

    With Enhanced Traction Control is fully automatic, sensing when the rear wheel starts to spin, locking the wheel and giving it positive traction. Provides superior traction in wet or uneven conditions and eliminates loss of forward motion.

  • BC2600 Heavy Duty Blade Spindle
    BC2600 Heavy Duty Blade Spindle

    Reinforced in four directions for maximum durability and safety, so you can keep cutting in the harshest conditions.

  • Pivoting Deck
    Pivoting Deck

    ± 12 degree pivoting deck with proprietary return to neutral is engineered to glide over uneven terrain. 26” wide deck with higher tip speed for improved speed and cut quality.

  • Rubberized Rear Deck Trim
    Rubberized Rear Deck Trim

    Allows for easier stump clearance in reverse.

  • Intuitive Drive Controls & Handles with Padded Grips
    Intuitive Drive Controls & Handles with Padded Grips

    Best in class control package allows the user to feather in forward and reverse directly from the handles - no shifting required.

  • Wider Tractor Tires
    Wider Tractor Tires

    For better grabbing and pulling power.

Engine: 388 cc Honda (BC2600HH, BC2600HEBH)
Start: Pull (BC226001CH, BC2600HH); Electric (BC2600HEBH)
Cut Width: 26”
Cut Height: 3.75"
Weight: 309 lbs (BC226001CH); 317 lbs (BC2600HH); 341 (BC2600HEBH)
Length: 83"
Width: 31"
  • What type of battery is required for my electric start brush cutter?

    A CB18, C50, SC50, MCB50 series dry or wet battery with a 17.2 AH rating is required.

  • Who will benefit from the Outback Brushcutters?


    Anyone with wooded, dense or overgrown property will benefit from the Outback Brushcutter. Designed for public works departments and individual property owners alike, the Outback is appropriate for maintaining trails, cutting troublesome brush or periodically clearing meadows.

    The Outback Brushcutter is a commercial grade machine suitable for use by parks and recreation staffs, municipal utilities, tree farmers, orchard owners, rental equipment outlets or anyone that needs to manage troublesome property.


  • Why won’t other equipment cut it?

    While rotary mowers, sickle bar mowers, or hand-held weed cutters are small enough to work around obstacles, none will do the work (with the ease) of the Outback Brushcutter.

    Not only do you have to carry hand-held brushcutters, they only cut debris once, meaning you also have to clean up after them.

    Rotary mowers can mulch debris, but because they have low, enclosed housings, will choke and stall on anything more demanding than a manicured lawn.

    Sickle bar mowers are made for heavy weeds, however, they only cut debris once, leaving ground clutter to clean up. Additionally, the side-to-side motion of the sickle bar creates a violent, tiresome vibration on the operator.

    Only the Outback Brushcutter is small enough to work around obstacles, is self-propelled and specifically designed to cut, chop and reduce heavy vegetation.

  • How does the Outback® Brushcutter work?

    As the Outback® moves forward, vegetation is bent over at the front of the mowing deck. This allows the cutting blade to cut the vegetation at its base. Cut debris is then fed into the deck where it is chopped into smaller pieces before rolling out the back of the deck. It is a very safe, effective design.

  • Why are the Outback Brushcutters safer than other brushcutters?


    Designed strictly to clear and maintain non-manicured lawns, the engineers behind the Outback Brushcutter were able to narrowly focus on performance and safety. First, the Outback Brushcutter offers an exclusive blade brake clutch which automatically stops the spinning blade should the operator lose control.

    The Outback Brushcutter also has a low center of gravity, which keeps this Billy Goat stable along slopes while its aggressive tires help maintain traction over all terrains.

    Then, by enclosing all moving parts, the Outback Brushcutter won’t snag debris in the V-belts, pulleys or drive train. Industrial-strength steel deflectors shield against flying debris, while its three forward speeds allow you to match your speed to the job at hand. The Outback Brushcutter also offers a standard reverse gear so you can get out of difficult areas easily.


  • What will the Outback® Brushcutter cut down?

    The Outback brushcutters are designed to cut down tall weeds and vegetation as high as eight feet.

  • What is the benefit of the swinging deflectors in front of the deck?

    The deflectors are designed to stop or significantly slow down cut debris that tries to fly forward. Billy Goat believes in safety first with its brushcutter.

  • What is the maximum slope on which I can operate my brush cutter?

    Never mow on a slope greater than 15 degrees. Always mow across the face of slopes, never up and down or diagonally. Do not attempt sudden starts or stops when mowing or on a slope. Avoid sudden turns and use extreme caution when changing directions on a slope.


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  • Where can I find Outback Brushcutters?

    Unlike mail-order equipment, the Outback Brushcutter is fully assembled and fully supported by our network of authorized service dealers, making sales, service and maintenance simple.

    Please refer to our Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you.

  • Should I be concerned if the Outback Brushcutter’s engine suddenly stalls when I’ve run into a hidden stump or rock?

    Absolutely not. First, verify that the obstacle is free of the blade and the blade remains in good working condition. Wheel the unit backward a few feet, and then start the engine. Remember, the Outback® was designed for the unexpected.

  • What will the Outback Brush Cutter cut through?

    Because the Outback Brushcutter has a considerably lower blade tip speed, higher torque and a thicker blade than rotary mowers, it is extremely easy to cut down tall weeds, saplings and small trees. The Billy Goat Outback Brushcutter can manage brush up to 6 ft. and saplings up to 2” in diameter as well as tall, dense vegetation.

Product Feedback

  • My name is Jeff Fish and I run www.banksandblinds.com . In the past we have rented Billy Goat brush mowers to maintain our food plots and duck hunting areas.
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    Jeff Fish of Herrin, IL

  • I rented a Billy Goat Outback to clear woods and a ton of English Ivy. I think I mowed brush up to 1 3/4" thick with little trouble. I thought 13 HP wasn't going to work, but it turned out to be fine!

    Nicholas Masick of Annandale, VA

  • I am on my second Billy Goat brush cutter; a 13 HP. This is the most cherished machine I use to cut the weeds and tall grass annually around my 3,500 crop of fir trees I planted 5 years ago.
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    Dennis P. of Gresham Oregon

  • We have been using the Outback BC2600 for a month now and would not use anything else!
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    Steve B. of Minot, ND

  • I have rented the Billy Goat Outback Brushcutter once a year for 6 years now. I use it to cut walking trails through the woods. This machine is a go-getter!
    » Read More

    Jason B.; Kansas City, MO

  • We rented a Billy Goat Brushcutter last weekend to take care of a yard that had been neglected for two years and some of the weeds were chest-high. It was also hilly property and miscellaneous junk was hidden in the weeds.
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    Joe F.; Worley, ID

  • Rented your Brush Mower from Home Depot. Saplings of maple trees, heavy grass and raspberries were all eaten up by your Goat! :-)
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    Alex P.; Whitby Ontario, CAN